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Medical Assistant 

Promo Special 

9 Months / 720 Clock Hours

Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical taks to keep the offices of physicians and other health practitioners running smoothly. Assistants work directly with patients, whether in small or large healthcare settings, to ensure that patients receive the care they need while providing health professionals with vital patient information. As an essential part of the healthcare team, a medical assistant is responsible for obtaining general health data and performing a variety of back and front office duties. 


Day Class (9 months)




Evening Class (Hybrid) (9 months) 



Clinical: Days and times to be set up with you and instructor 


See class schedule for class dates

Enrollment Requirements

  • 18 yrs. or older

  • U.S. Citizenship,

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Non-refundable enrollment fee of $ 100 due at the time of enrollment

  • Copy of immunizations (Documentation of two MMRs or positive titers;  Series of three Hepatitis B, or titer indicating immunity, or a signed waiver; current tetanus or Tdap; Varicella status:  positive history, vaccination or titer indicating  immunity.  If negative history – immunization is strongly recommended)

  • Completion of  current PPD (TB) test before the 1st day of class (provide paperwork with date)

  • Drug Test

  • Criminal Background check

Tuition Special See Prices Below !!!!


Medical Solutions Academy is thankful for all of its supporters. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering all previous phlebotomy, medical assistant, and  nurse aide students a discount on the upcoming Medical Assistant courses

The cost will vary depending on which course you were previously enrolled in and it includes AHA CPR!!!

Previous Phlebotomy Graduates $3265

Previous Medical Office Assistant Graduates $3315

If you are not a MSA graduate you may receive the same course for $5000.


This is first come first serve special as we are only accepting 12 students. 


Misc. fees:
***State competency fee of $120.00 not included in tuition cost.***
*** Textbook fees of $350*****



*Pay the Deposit to Secure Your Seat and Notify the School to Ensure a seat is available*

*$500 secures your seat! An equal payment of $400 is due the first day of class*

*Payments can be made month or bi-weekly over an eight (8) month time frame*

MSA Previous Phlebotomy Student

Promo Special 

MSA Previous Medical Office Assistant Promo Special

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$3315-Full Payment


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$312.77-Payment (monthly payment)




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$3265.00-Full Payment


$500.00 Deposit


307.22 Monthly


New MSA Student Promo Special
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$5000.00- Full Payment
$500.00- Deposit
$375- Payment
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