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Medical Office Assistant 

10 Weeks(Day) 12 Weeks (Evening)  /160 Clock Hours |60 hours of Internship (Included In Clock Hours)

Medical office assistants are the front-office staff who ensures that the physicians' offices and clinics run efficiently while also fostering a friendly and positive patient experience.  Medical office assistants do not interface directly with patient care rather they greet patients, triage appointments and provide other assistance.  


Day Class (10 Weeks)


Evening Class  (10 Weeks)

5:30pm -9:30pm 


Clinical: Days and times to be set up with you and instructor 


Class meets once a week. See class schedule for class dates.

Entrance Requirements

  • 18 yrs. or older

  • U.S. Citizenship,

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Non-refundable enrollment fee of $ 100 due at the time of enrollment

  • Copy of immunizations (Documentation of two MMRs or positive titers;  Series of three Hepatitis B, or titer indicating immunity, or a signed waiver; current tetanus or Tdap; Varicella status:  positive history, vaccination or titer indicating  immunity.  If negative history – immunization is strongly recommended)

  • Completion of  current PPD (TB) test before the 1st day of class (provide paperwork with date)

  • Drug Test

  • Criminal Background check

  • Covid Vaccine (Must have the 1st and 2nd shot) (Clinical Requirement)




Includes class tuition, non-refundable enrollment fee, class uniform and badge.

Misc. fees:

State Competency fee $117.00
Textbooks: $180.00

CPR: $60.00

Drug Screen: $40.00

Background Screen: $35.00

TB test: up to $25.00 (depends on where administered)


$500.00 down deposit is due at the time of enrollment, and then  3 installment payments of $500.00 

*Pay the Deposit to Secure Your Seat and Notify the School to Ensure a seat is available*

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$2000.00-Full Payment


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